We believe that sustainable growth is led by making a positive impact on society. To realise this vision, we have developed our ESG Commitment that informs everything we do.



Amid our global climate crisis, Engage Search is committed to reducing and minimising the environmental impacts of our business. We use energy-efficient cloud hosting operators. Our offices are located within spaces run by organisations equally committed to affecting energy-saving initiatives, such as sustainability recycling programmes, water filtration to lessen single-use plastics, and energy-saving motion-detected lighting. By embracing remote-working arrangements and technology, we have reduced the environmental footprint of our office spaces and decreased the need for many to travel and commute.

We continue to assess our success in lessening our environmental footprint and will also continue to pursue innovative solutions to reduce energy use in our direct operations through energy efficiency solutions.


Engage was born of a set of values and goals; to place the best candidate in each role regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. With the growth of our dedicated team, these have become common objectives, and our commitment to equal rights and opportunity continues to grow with us. Across our global offices, we offer employees recognition schemes, ongoing development opportunities, and competitive compensation plans.


We believe that good governance depends on effective leadership and a healthy corporate culture; supported by robust systems and processes. Engage is proud of our code of business conduct, which requires all directors and employees to act with integrity, ethically, and honestly.